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Entrepreneurship and compliance

The entrepreneurial activities of the SWIETELSKY group are characterised by a high sense of responsibility towards the state and society. We consider group-wide compliance with legal framework conditions and ethical standards to be a requirement for maintaining our good reputation as a reliable, competent and law-abiding partner towards clients, investors and business partners.

It goes without saying that we actively fight corruption and anti-competitive behaviour and stand for compliance with data protection regulations. By ensuring fairness, respect and integrity within the company and towards clients and competitors, we clearly oppose negative occurrences such as distortion of competition, corruption or invasion of privacy.

We make a point of complying with all labour and social standards. In addition to our own commitment in this regard, we also exert influence on subcontractors and business partners and encourage them to apply equally high standards. We also regard respect for human rights, as well as the use and promotion of diversity and equal opportunities, as important building blocks in achieving our common goals.

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Mag. Gernot Reiter, CSE, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
“Constantly profitable business relationships require legality, trust and value orientation. Compliance is therefore not a ‘temporary phenomenon’ but a requirement for the sustainable success of the company in the interest of all internal and external stakeholders.”

Mag. Gernot Reiter, CSE, Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)


Code of Conduct

We want to continue to be viewed as reliable and competent by our public and private business partners. That is why we place great value in always behaving fairly, respectfully and with integrity towards all stakeholders as well as towards our competitors. We have drawn up a Code of Conduct to guide us; it reflects our values and is meant to be a basis for impeccable behaviour from a moral, ethical and legal perspective within the SWIETELSKY Group. The document, downloadable here, is provided to all employees and all relevant partners in full.

Reporting system for reporting misconduct at Swietelsky

Swietelsky AG is clearly and unconditionally committed to complying with all applicable laws and rules in the existing Code of Conduct. This is why we are committed to identifying and clarifying possible misconduct within the company as quickly as possible and to taking the necessary remedial action. Open communication in our corporate group constitutes the basis for reporting and clarifying misconduct. The management of Swietelsky therefore encourages all business partners to report suspected misconduct without undue delay. Swietelsky AG provides a web-based reporting system for this purpose in compliance with the requirements of Directive (EU) 2019/1937 ("EU Whistleblowing Directive"), which can be used to quickly and easily report concerns about misconduct. This can be accessed around the clock and from any location. The anonymity of the whistleblower is fully guaranteed. Genuine reports afford the whistleblower full protection. Reports can, however, also be submitted in a non-anonymous form. On the other hand, deliberate false reports may have consequences under labour law and criminal law.

Reports can be submitted here:

Reporting system