SWIETELSKY puts mobility on rails

Everything is on track: 70 years of continuous experience in railroad construction makes SWIETELSKY one of the leading railway construction companies in Europe. Backed by modern machinery and excellent specialised staff, we have a global presence.

Our strengths in railway construction

  • Cutting-edge machinery with more than 200 machines for new construction and preservation of track systems
  • Specialised staff and powerful large-scale machines with the latest control systems guarantee excellent efficiency, speed and precision
  • Repair and maintenance of track-laying machinery according to the requirements of the railroad management as well as special production and reconstruction are conducted at our modern mechanical engineering base.

Areas of activity

  • Construction of new points and reconstruction of existing points
  • Construction of new tracks and reconstruction of existing tracks 
  • Tamping of tracks and points for preservation and construction sites
  • Subgrade refurbishment 
  • Track and point maintenance
  • Feeder lines
  • Project planning of track systems
  • Subways and urban commuter railways
  • Tramways
  • Concrete track slab systems
  • Sound and vibration protection
  • Track-related underground engineering and earth works
  • Cable hods and cable underground engineering
  • Workshop logistics
  • Complete logistics service
  • Grinding of new tracks
  • Grinding of maintenance tracks
  • Flash butt welding 

Annual achievements

  • More than 120 km of subgrade refurbishment
  • 160 km construction of new tracks and reconstruction of existing tracks
  • Tamping of more than 1000 points and 1100 km of tracks
  • 270 pcs construction of new points and reconstruction of existing points

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Construction of new tracks and reconstruction of existing tracks

Rail track construction

The intention to transfer large volumes of traffic from road to rail requires the reconstruction of the main European railway routes. SWIETELSKY is ideally equipped for this task, thanks to its comprehensive and state-of-the-art machinery. Up to 2,000 running meters can be completed per shift.

Rail track reconstruction

The construction of new railways is not the only priority. Track reconstruction is also essential owing to increasing demands on track systems, such as axle load and speed, as well as the ageing of the existing tracks. This not only applies to the main railway routes but also to secondary lines and privately owned railroads.

Track-related substructure improvement

A sound basis and foundation are indispensable requirements for the track system's durability. This includes frost protection and adequate load bearing capacity. Operation and ageing lead to plastic deformation of the underground over time and hence to depression in the roadbed.

The stability of the entire track substructure can only be ensured by replacing the foundation. Thanks to the track-related substructure improvement systems used by SWIETELSKY, our customers profit from the following advantages:

  • Excellent material savings due to gravel recycling
  • No material transport costs on the road
  • Rapid construction progress
  • Greater track availability owing to shorter track possessions

Tramway construction

The road construction sector is growing in importance due to the continuing growth in traffic volume in the larger cities. SWIETELSKY is your ideal partner for all rail profiles such as grooved rail or flange rail.

Subway construction

The possibilities for new route planning in the inner city are very limited. New, high-performance traffic routes are set to be constructed mainly underground. Thanks to its wealth of expertise, SWIETELSKY can not only construct the tunnel but also build the necessary track system for the special requirements of subway traffic.

Concrete track slabs

As an alternative to gravel tracks, for example for high-speed routes as well as subways and tramways, SWIETELSKY offers various concrete track slab systems.

The main difference is the replacement of the gravel bed as the load-dispersing element by other position-stable materials such as concrete or asphalt.

Special equipment

SWIETELSKY offers economical solutions to all railroad managements and their various track systems with its rich selection of special equipment.

Experience and creativity are the reason for numerous proprietary developments, some of which are protected by patent. Our own equipment, machines and traction vehicles are maintained by specialists at our "machine technology" base. This covers:

  • Maintenance according to the railroad management's requirements
  • Own developments up to patent readiness
  • Proprietary and reconstruction of railroad construction machinery


Railroad traffic corporation

Swietelsky founded the company RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH back in 2005.

Swietelsky is thus in a position to optimise the transport of railroad construction machinery to the construction sites as well as the increase in construction site logistics incurred and to provide the client with these services at a reasonable price.

For more information, refer to the website of
RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH.