Test centre

The test and inspection centre is a reliable partner for construction technology and environmental friendliness

The current test centre has developed from the former Swietelsky Bau ges. m.b.H. central laboratory, which operated as a government approved test institute since 1972. While the former central laboratory was primarily responsible for quality assurance of construction materials and construction sites, the current facility additionally provides comprehensive consultancy services.

The former government approval was replaced in 1998 by the government accreditation. The requirements of the accreditation for around 175 test procedures are implemented in the accredited test centre (AP) and accredited inspection centre (AI) specialist units. The impartial and independent test centre checks and monitors the following: asphalt/bitumen, earthworks/waste site construction, environmental analysis, self-monitoring in the framework of in-house production control for aggregates and asphalt mixes as well as advice and training on installation of asphalt layers.

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Thanks to our wealth of experience gained over many years and by cooperating in standards committees, we remain continuously at the cutting edge and can pass on this know-how to you accordingly.

Excerpt from the scope of services

  • Mixed product tests
  • Melted asphalt tests
  • Melted asphalt tests in building construction (screed) (Estrich)
  • Wheel tracking test
  • Extraction of core samples up to Ø 30 cm
  • Layer bonding
  • Bitumen investigations
  • and much more

Earthworks/waste site construction

Tests have been carried out in this area since the test centre was founded. Thanks to the expertise of our team we are able to respond quickly to inquiries regarding construction site inspections in order to prevent any downtimes for you.

Excerpt from the scope of services

  • Rock investigations for use in asphalt, concrete, unbound base layers
    • Grain distribution
    • Determination of the polished stone value (PSV)
    • Establishment of resistance to crushing (LA value)
    • Frost protection
    • Bulk density
  • Load plate tests, both static and dynamic
  • Non-destructive testing of soil density
  • Water permeability of soil samples
  • and much more

Environmental analysis

An environmental analysis department was founded in the nineties in order to keep pace with the times. Our team is well known for carrying out its investigations quickly and for its expert consultancy.

Excerpt from the scope of services

  • Basic characterisation of waste in accordance with the Landfill Ordinance
  • Inspection of recycling materials (ALSAG, Construction Material Recycling Law)
  • Examination of excavated soil materials in terms of their recycling potential (BAWP 2006)
  • Sampling and testing of water samples
  • Examination of damaging salts
  • and much more

In-house production control

Self-monitoring in the framework of in-house production control for aggregates and asphalt mixes as well as recycling construction materials

The Swietelsky test centre supports 17 asphalt mixing plants, 8 gravel and split-production facilities, 6 stationary systems for producing recycling construction materials as well as our branches in Austria for mobile preparation of recycling construction materials in the framework of in-house production control. Not only do we support you in the creation of pre-construction tests and performance declarations, we also help you to maintain the quality management system.

Installation advice

We advise you on the selection and optimisation (type and number) of installation and compacting units for different installation situations in order to achieve optimal quality and guide you through the installation.

Would you like to install special asphalt, such as for example for composting systems, sealing layers, sports tracks?

We can also assist you with these projects thanks to our many years of experience in installing asphalt.

Declaration of performance

The declarations of performance for the SWIETELSKY test centre can be found here.