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Swietelsky creates solid foundations for more space

SWIETELSKY Developments has been synonymous with the planning and construction of high-quality residential properties for more than 30 years. Our customers can rely on decades of experience, reliable contacts and the comprehensive quality of our projects. Our objective is always to create sustainable value – for our customers.

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General contractor

As a general contractor, SWIETELSKY develops ready-to-use buildings of all dimensions and degrees of difficulty..

  • Office buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels
  • Industrial plants
  • Production plants
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping centres
  • Residential buildings
  • Hospitals

Regional main focal points include:

  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Hungary

Advantages for the clients include:

  • Contractor receives the property ready to use
  • A contact person during all phases of the project execution
  • Experienced co-workers in these areas
  • Quality controls
  • Price certainty
  • Deadline adherence
  • Guarantee of contractual fulfilment

SWIETELSKY Generalunternehmerbau

General Contractor and Developer) offers complete solutions:

  • Execution of construction work
  • Project management
  • Planning
  • Project development

Apartment buildings for modern living

Most modern construction styles such as low-energy houses and passive energy houses as well as apartment buildings in classic construction style are realised by SWIETELSKY with high levels of expertise. Adherence to deadlines and construction quality are our highest priorities.


The execution of sophisticated hotel construction projects, turnkey from foundation to high-quality interior design and décor, demands an experienced, highly competent and reliable construction partner.

At Swietelsky this is guaranteed by a highly qualified team of project directors, construction supervisors, engineers, structural designers and cost accountants. With such an experienced team, whose competence has repeatedly been acknowledged, it is possible to meet and successfully fulfil the most diverse wishes of our clients.

Shopping centres

Adherence to deadlines, flexibility and quality control are increasingly appreciated and required for the construction of shopping centres. SWIETELSKY fulfils all of these requirements. 

The Generalunternehmerbau (General Contractor and Developer) subsidiary has experienced professionals and a full range of technical and mechanical equipment at its disposal, which enables us to execute complex projects securely and successfully. Many turnkey projects as you can find on our home page are proof of this.

Office complexes

As an acknowledged partner in the construction business we also construct office complexes.

The excellent coordination of our planning and construction as well as cooperation with skilled craftsmen in a variety of different trades enable us to cope with ever-shorter construction periods and increasingly stringent conditions. Operational assistance by the SWIETELSKY branch offices also guarantees adherence to deadlines when it comes to large construction projects. The success of the entire project is the cornerstone of our commitment.

Industrial facilities

We are well known as an accredited partner in the area of industrial constructions and we complete turnkey new constructions or extensions of existing premises for our clients in trade and industry.

We can meet the tightest deadlines required by contractors, while at the same time implementing important procedural services in agreement with the future user. The long-term satisfaction of our investors is our greatest concern in this regard. Operational assistance by the SWIETELSKY branch offices also guarantees adherence to deadlines when it comes to large construction projects.

Other construction projects

Building educational institutions means investing in our future. Hospitals, schools and kindergartens are necessary to care for future generations. Our comprehensive delivery and performance services ensure the safeguarding of investments in such future projects. Regardless of the diversity of our clients' requirements – from master builder services to turnkey construction of functional buildings – our expertise guarantees success. 

Our offer includes:

  • Climbing centres and other sports facilities
  • Event centres
  • Hospitals, rehabilitation centres, retirement and nursing homes
  • Educational facilities such as schools and kindergarten