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To keep air, water and earth clean is a task of our times. The increasing demand for renewable energy has led to innovative technical developments.

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Sewer lines and sewer reconstruction

Sewer and pipeline construction is essential for the infrastructure of cities and communities. SWIETELSKY has more than 30 years' experience in sewer line construction, modern and highly efficient machinery and experience in working with environmentally-friendly construction methods and cutting-edge technology. Requirements with respect to sewer line construction include: Fast, safe and environmentally friendly.

Pipelines for the disposal of waste water have existed since Roman times. The rapid development of cities in terms of inhabitants and traffic has led to a demand not only for the construction of new sewer lines but also for the reconditioning of existing sewers, some of which are often more than a hundred years old.

New technologies have been developed for the reconditioning of waste water sewers, especially in inner-city areas, so that work can be carried out without having to dig ditches.

SWIETELSKY and its specialists have many years of experience in the relining method. The advantages of these systems are:

  • No disturbance of the quality of life of the local residents
  • No disruption of stationary and moving traffic
  • An environmentally friendly construction style
  • Efficiency, since the lifespan is comparable to new construction in cut-and-cover construction

You can find further information about this special method on the Swietelsky-Faber Website.

Pipeline construction

Clean water is of great value. Water supply and waste water disposal plants pose a serious challenge in difficult terrain, which can only be met by an experienced team.


Waste site construction

SWIETELSKY has more than 20 years of experience in new constructions and reconditioning of waste sites. The range of activities includes:

  • Basic sealing
  • Surface sealing
  • Special mixtures
  • Chemoton
  • Drip water catchment
  • Waste gas catchment
  • Working in contaminated ground
  • Contaminated land reconstruction
  • Laboratory tests
  • Biotope
  • Storage basin

Quality control is carried out by the company's own test and monitoring centre with its Test centrecutting-edge equipment.

Sewage plant construction

The purification of municipal and industrial waste water is an essential factor in maintaining the quality of our water resources..

We are your reliable partner with many years of experience in the construction of sewage plants.

  • In the urban area
  • Small sewage plants for rural areas
  • Purification of industrial waste water

Noise protection

SWIETELSKY is also active in the area of biogas. Renewable energies are attracting increasing attention worldwide and especially in the European Union owing to the common obligation to achieve the Kyoto targets.

Legal regulations for road and railway construction as well as for the reconditioning of existing traffic routes require appropriate noise protection measures. SWIETELSKY has experience both in various alternatives in relation to construction as well as reconditioning.

Biogas facilities

SWIETELSKY is also active in the area of biogas. Renewable energies are attracting increasing attention worldwide and especially in the European Union owing to the common obligation to achieve the Kyoto targets.

Renewable raw materials, such as maize and grass silage but also biogenic waste, are the substrates from which electrical and thermal energy are generated in the SWIETELSKY biogas facilities. The electrical energy is supplied as green electricity into the public power grid. Thermal energy is primarily used in district heating systems. The end substrate from the biogas process is ideal as a biogenic fertilizer as it demonstrates enhanced plant tolerance, nutrient supply and emission values.

As an experienced general contractor, SWIETELSKY constructs biogas facilities professionally and ready for use, tailored to regional requirements and operator stipulations. The high quality and safety standard is guaranteed by the monitored process control in these facilities.

For more information on biogas facilities, refer to hier.


We have been producing asphalt for 70 years. Today we have more than 40 asphalt mixing plants. The SWIETELSKY central laboratory oversees quality control, adherence to environmental regulations and norms.

SWIETELSKY operates 30 asphalt mixing plants in Austria, Bavaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Croatia, 6 concrete mixing plants in Austria and Hungary as well as numerous gravel reprocessing plants. The asphalt mixing plants are operated either individually or collaboratively. Three asphalt mixing plants have been modified in order to be able to produce melted asphalt. A number of plants are equipped with recycling facilities in order to process old asphalt as well. Plants of high production capacity are equipped with heat mineralisation, thereby increasing the flexibility of ready-mix production.

The following ensures high quality:

  • Micro-processor controls in all plants for:
    • Continuous production monitoring
    • Option to provide proof of quality for any kind of ready-mix
  • State-approved test and monitoring centre