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A qualified transport network, whether rail or road, increasingly requires bridges as solutions. The maintenance and reconditioning of bridge load-bearing structures is becoming increasingly important. SWIETELSKY has more than 30 years of experience in new constructions and reconstruction of bridges of all sizes. Specialities include replacement of bridge load-bearing structures, especially for railways, bridge elevation and complex reconstruction of bridges.

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Construction of new bridges

All aspects of bridge building are of great importance to us. Bridges allow people to reach opposite banks and slopes easily and enable traffic routes to cross safely without impeding each other.

That's why we build all types of bridges over water, trenches and transport constructions using different methods and the right employees and equipment.

Reconditioning of bridges

Constantly increasing traffic and the associated burdens as well as EU standard-compliant profiles require more and more measures for reconditioning and widening bridges. Our bridge construction branches and subsidiaries have the trained personnel and are active in this field all year round.

Bridge slide-in

The bridge slide-in method, which involves building the bridge directly next to its destination point and sliding it into its correct position during a very C459:D459 interruption of traffic, allows the traffic to continue to flow almost without a break.

We can offer personnel with many years of experience for this method, which is used mainly in railway and motorway construction.

Bridge elevations

Where there is insufficient headroom or if bearings need to be replaced, the entire bridge load-bearing structure has to be elevated up to 3000 KN per lifting point in a range of a few millimetres up to a metre and more.

We have already successfully completed a variety of different assignments.

Arch, prestressed concrete and composite bridges

Arch bridges 

The construction of arch bridges is always a special challenge because the supporting arch is often drawn across deep, inaccessible trenches. However, we have management and operative personnel with lots of experience in our ranks who can cope with any challenge.

Prestressed concrete bridges

Prestressed concrete bridges are reinforced concrete bridges with tensioning cables made of high-quality steel located inside or outside, generally over a number of longer spans. With these bridges, tension is first applied to the cable following hardening of the concrete structure, which counteracts the subsequent load from the dead load and live load and therefore enables slender structures.

Composite bridges

Composite bridge structures are composed of a supporting construction made of steel and a track slab made of concrete. The symbiosis of these construction materials allows a lighter construction method with regard to the dead load and faster completion of the building.

Special technologies

Constructing bridges using special technologies for shorter bridges is a diverse task. For example, support structures with WIB (sectional girders in concrete) in railroad construction, non-composite track slabs made of directly trafficable high-performance concrete in steel construction, directly trafficable steel bridges in railroad construction, bridges in pre-cast component construction. We have already implemented these and other different options with our personnel.