Milestones in the company's development

When Dipl. Ing. Hellmuth Swietelsky founded a new construction company in Austria in 1936, he trusted his knowledge and a handful of good employees. Today, SWIETELSKY owns branches and subsidiaries in Austria and its neighbouring countries, has several thousand qualified employees and enjoys the reputation of an innovative, efficient and reliable construction business.

Video on the company's history

You can find a video here of the 75th anniversary of the Swietelsky Group in 2011. For more recent information about the company's history, refer to "Milestones in the company's development".

Milestones in the company's development


Foundation of the Road Construction Company "Ing. Hellmuth SWIETELSKY" in Gmunden. Initial activities include road construction and asphalt paving.


Beginning of railroad construction in the Vienna area, establishment of subsidiary in Vienna.


After the war there is an almost completely new start. The company is growing rapidly and the services offered are extended to most areas of construction in the following 30 years. Furthermore, subsidiaries are founded in all provinces of Austria.


Senator DI. Hellmuth SWIETELSKY is elected "Man of the Year" by the International Road Federation, Washington D.C.


Authorisation for the central laboratory in St. Martin to operate as a "state-authorised material testing laboratory". Project supervision in Mauritania, Cameroon and the former USSR earn the laboratory international recognition.


In the following 10 years, subsidiaries are founded in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.


Swietelsky is the third largest construction industry group in Austria with around 9,100 employees and an annual turnover of more than 2 billion euros.