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Range of service
Range of service
Range of service
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Building construction

SWIETELSKY is able to efficiently realise construction projects of any size, making us a trustworthy partner in addressing various target groups such as families building their own homes, public clients, housing cooperatives, private investors, project developers, industrial companies, and many more. The client can always rely on the fact that SWIETELSKY builds on solid values. Reliability and economic longevity are characteristics that our clients hold in high regard. The immense variety of projects proves just how flexible SWIETELSKY is in its role as either a construction manager or general contractor. Having considerable expertise - even in modern timber and hybrid construction - we see ourselves as a material-neutral builder able to meet any requirement.

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Civil engineering

In civil engineering, SWIETELSKY ensures that space and the environment are optimally used while protecting natural surroundings. We also specialise in complex construction projects in difficult terrain, such as in the mountains or underground. Through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and interdisciplinary knowledge, we are able to offer innovative, economical, and ecologically sustainable solutions. This applies to earthworks, hydraulic engineering, and foundation engineering as well as to the construction of supply and disposal networks, waterways, dams and sewer systems. SWIETELSKY is particularly knowledgeable in special civil and underground construction.

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Road and bridge construction

When SWIETELSKY first started, individual mobility was nothing more than a bold vision for millions of Europeans. Road construction pioneer Hellmuth Swietelsky made this dream his own personal mission. More than 80 years later, we have often pushed our own limits and successfully mastered every project dimension in road and bridge construction. As an experienced, flexible and absolute quality-driven partner of the public sector, we have helped build and continuously develop infrastructure. With requirements changing over time, SWIETELSKY has always been at the forefront of development. Today we are therefore more in demand than ever when it comes to implementing modern solutions for growing urban spaces.

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Railway construction

The principle of sustainability has shaped SWIETELSKY’s thinking and activities throughout its history like no other. The founders already knew 80 years ago that without the railway as a means of transport, too much economic and ecological strain was going to be put on road traffic. Thus, the road construction pioneer became a railway construction pioneer. In track construction, SWIETELSKY creates conditions so that people and goods can be transported quickly, cheaply, safely and comfortably. The company owes its state-of-the-art machinery and its own railway transport company to farsighted capital expenditures. By developing and using large machinery, SWIETELSKY has revolutionised railway construction in terms of efficiency and safety. Today, we are leading in Europe and are also operating in Australia in this field.

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Tunnel construction

Railway and road tunnels not only shorten distances but also make alpine zones more attractive as a habitat for humans and animals. Shifting traffic underground conserves natural resources and prevents noise development. In growing urban areas, underground tunnels guarantee environmentally friendly and efficient mobility. As a pioneer in both road construction and railway construction, SWIETELSKY recognised the potential of tunnel construction early on. By participating in important infrastructure projects, the company was able to make its mark, becoming a leading specialist in this field as well. What distinguishes SWIETELSKY from its competitors is its decades of experience in dealing with geological specificities, its skill in applying high-tech machines and processes, and its planners’ engineering know-how.

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